“Prostor” trading company

Templates for the website of a company that sells reinforcement fixers and other construction elements.

Also we’ve designed a logo.

That’s interesting ↓

As we always do, we begin with a sketch. We decide to make product categories section as vertical tabs:

Main page sketch

The client approves the sketch, so we proceed to the mockup. Taking into account the theme of the website as well as the fact that 99% of products are made in fifty shades of grey, we’ll use the same colors with small accents in logo’s colors:

Main page, version 1

The client likes the idea but he asks us to add some extra elements to the header and to paint all buttons with solid color:

Main page, version 2

Now the client says he doesn’t like red and blue colors because they look “cartoonish”, and proposes to try dark shades of orange and blue. All this leads to the change of logo’s colors and to the final version of the main page’s mockup:

Main page, final version

Product catalog template:

Product catalog template

Product page template:

Product page template

Normal page template:

Standard page template

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