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A study in scarlet and orange. Templates for a “video-magazine” — a blog with a lot of rubrics, where each post is accompanied by a video.

That’s interesting ↓

After receiving and reading a scope statement we draw a sketch:


The customer approves it, so we proceed to the mockup. Main page:

Version 1 - Main page

And a post page in the same style:

Version 1 - Inner page

The customer likes it, but he’s got new ideas, so he takes some time to think about it. After all, the following comes to light: this website will have another name, posts will be accompanied only by videos, the number of rubrics will be twice more, and we need to remove photos from the header.

Using previously approved mockups we create a new main page:

Version 2 - Main page

As soon as there will be a lot of rubrics, we must save some space, so the menu will be hidden by default and will appear on mouse click:

List of rubrics

And at the same time we’ll duplicate the menu at the very bottom of the page — when a page appears to be too long, the reader won’t have to scroll page back to top.

Rubrics page will look like an ordinary blog’s archive page:

List of posts of a rubric

The post page will be based on previously approved mockup too:

Post page

The customer likes everything except header and slogan. Let’s try to make a header not so high and to change a slogan:

Version 3 - Main page

Along with the header, we change the menu so it won’t look like a long tongue:

Version 3 - Menu

In addition to all these mockups, there must be a pop-up window with information about promotions, and with a girl to increase the effect:

Pop-up window 1

The customer likes left part but doesn’t like right one. Well, let’s try to use one of the girls provided by the customer:

Pop-up window 2

The lady with the dog doesn’t suit too, so the Oscar goes to next model:

Pop-up window 3

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