Monte Minerale

Website design for mineral water company from Montenegro.

That’s interesting ↓

The scope statement was so perfectly written that I only had to draw all those words:


Main illustration must show a piece of Montenegro with mountains, with the sea, with recognizable buildings, and also with a soil where mineral water is born. Well, it’s time to look for a construction material:

Материалы для коллажа

And then combine it:

Вариант 1

The customer likes it, but it would be nice to see mineral water. After a short how-it-looks-like-in-nature investigation we add some water:
Вариант 2

Great. Now we have to add a factory and to show the way the water is taken:

Вариант 3

The head of water is good, but the building doesn’t look like Monte Minerale factory. We have the only photo on which there are 4 flagstaffs near the factory — let’s use them in our collage:

Вариант 4

The customer says everything is fine, but the factory actually has only one building, therefore we have to remove the right building and to put flags on its place:

Вариант 5

Now the customer is fully satisfied, so we can proceed to website design. Begin with the main page:

Главная страница, вариант 1

The customer wants something more bright, and doesn’t like the slogan’s font. Trying to change the font and icons colours:

Главная страница, вариант 2

Everything is wonderful. Proceeding to inner pages. The customer wants to add some water at the bottom of the page:

Внутренняя страница

Previous look of website:

Предыдущая версия сайта Предыдущая версия сайта

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