MD Studio

Website for interior design studio from Moscow.

Also I’ve designed a logo and business card.

That’s interesting ↓

The customer sends a scope statement with his own sketch of main and inner pages:

Customer's sketch

And while the inner page didn’t give us any difficulty, the main page had the vast expanses of imagination. Mainly it contains 4 links to inner pages of website, but we didn’t want to design them as banal row or column. We didn’t want to draw single-type backgrounds neither. After deep thoughts we decided to make play with new logo:


In a moment this wonderful idea was thransformed into mockup. With every page reload the visitor will see new background image:

Mockup of main page

According to scope statement, one of the inner pages must have a set of small galleries: a visitor can scroll thumbnails and click them to view full-size photos. And we thought it might be nice to add a short description to each gallery:

Mockup of inner page

We show these mockups to customer. He approves the idea but asks to remove descriptions from galleries, and also wants all the images to be black-and-white. Moreover, thumbnails must change size and become coloured on mouseover:


We complete mockups and proceed to coding:

Responsive web design

Previous look of website:

Previous look of website

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