MD Stroy

A website for a construction company, which also makes decoration and repair.

That’s interesting ↓

The task was to fully develop the site from scratch: to invent a concept, design, technical implementation and content.

After a not-so-long “period of thoughts”, we make the first sketch:

First sketch

We come to the idea of ​​color differentiation of website’s sections, and so we draw a mockup based on that sketch:

First mockup

However, some time later it becomes clear that this layout is not very suitable for the future website, so we return to the thought process and draw new sketches and schemes, and show them to the customer:

Concept and sketches

The customer approves the concept, so we proceed to mockups. The main page will have a large full screen slider, and each slide will be dedicated to the corresponding section of website:

Main page mockup

Each slide has a very logical color scheme. We decide to make the colors darker and more serious than before:


And we’ll use the same colors on inner pages:

Inner page mockup

On the project pages, the gallery is a large slider so that the visitor could see objects easily:

Project page mockup

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