Redesign of a popular portal which contains a lot of songs translations. The task was to make it more modern, pleasant and most easily understood for visitors.

Earlier I’ve made icons and banners for this website.

That’s interesting ↓

This portal is very popular and has its own constant audience which likes it a lot. So the main goal was not to change the design cardinally, but to make it more handy, more understandable and modern. Actually the portal consists of six similar websites technically differing only in colour schemes. Knowing this fact, we worked on one website, and then spent a lot of time searching for appropriate colours.

We decided to begin with main page of one of websites, and we chose “english” website as a guinea-pig:

Страница раздела, версия 1

Looks good, but the header is so header…

Страница раздела, версия 2

Slightly changing right side of the header and adding some abstract background image:

Страница раздела, версия 3

Now header remains the same, but now more square and abstract. Drawing again the header together with the rest blue fields:

Страница раздела, версия 4

Customer seems to like it, so we proceed to other pages. A few days later the customer says that now he doesn’t like design, so we return to main page changing the header and blue side fields:

Страница раздела, версия 5

Finally, the design is accepted.

Now we can make headers for remaining websites:


Proceeding to the template of song translation page. One of points of interest on this page is a fully drawn again player with a playlist — it took a lot of time to make it look normally:

Плейлист, версия 1

Плейлист, версия 2

Плейлист, версия 3

Плейлист, версия 4

Плейлист, версия 5

Finally, we’ve got it:


“Musical ring” template:

Музыкальный ринг, версия 1

Музыкальный ринг, версия 2

More sophisticated “Hit parade” full of options and statistics:

Хит-парад, версия 1

Хит-парад, версия 2

Template for “Songs by tags”:

Песни по тегам

Previous look of website:

Предыдущая версия сайта Предыдущая версия сайта

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