Instalador Termo Madrid

One page website (landing page) for a company that installs electric water heaters.


Our client already had a website:

Our task was to make a more modern and efficient website.

After discussions with the client, it becomes clear that, due to the specifics, we must focus on the mobile version. We also decide that the site should remain single-page. So we move the contact form to the very bottom because not everyone likes to fill them in, and moreover, it takes a lot of time. Instead of it, on the first screen we place a clickable phone number and a link to WhatsApp which will not scroll along with the page and will always stay visible.

We discuss the remaining blocks and draw a sketch:

Based on the sketch, we draw a very long mockup. So long that we won’t even show it here.

The first screen will look like this:

We consider different options for placing information about water heaters, trying to make this block convenient and practical at the same time:

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