Cooking correctly

New improved version of a popular cooking website.

That’s interesting ↓

The website owner came to a conclusion that over the past 4 years, it has become outdated. Moreover, this website was not adapted for mobile devices, so it looked twice outdated.

First of all, we decide to make the header more informative: to make the huge logo much smaller, to make the search bar larger, and to add a photo of current dish. According to the idea, the menu must become a continuation of website’s name: “Cookong correctly starters / first course / second course / desserts”. So we draw sketches of inner and main pages:

Эскиз страницы рецепта Эскиз главной страницы

The customer approves the general concept, so we begin to draw the mockups of these pages, adjusting and supplementing:

Макет страницы рецепта

Russkaya ikra on the main page:

Макет главной страницы


Traditional juicy pomegranate on “404 error” page:

Ошибка 404


Previous version of the website:

Готовим правильно

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