Fitness on stiletto heels

Templates for the website of personal fitness trainer. This website has photo gallery, full-function FAQ, a page with visitors’ comments (with premoderation), a calendar for this month, and FLV embedding.

That’s interesting ↓

“404 error” page:

Ошибка 404

According to scope statements, two colour schemes were suggested: a) black, platinum, taupe, red, gold or b) cyan and related colours. There must be curves of woman’s body (many and everywhere), a visitor must feel plasticity, flexibility, motion, pleasure and happiness. And a time trouble.

Well, let’s begin:

Макет 1

— Not bad, but the background is too bright. And we need to remove that doubled up body from the bootom of the page, and to add more abstract and large-scale curves. And of course left menu must be more notisable and visible:

Макет 2

Now let’s make it brighter and place one more woman:

Макет 3

No, no, no. Let’s try “black” variant, moreover colours on black look brighter and more vivid:

Макет 4

— Wonderful. But let’s try to return to cyan and make the website more colourful?

Moving to another side of spectrum:

Макет 5

And even more. Acidic anough, isn’t it?

Макет 6

— And what if we try to remove those woman’s silhouettes?

Макет 7

— Funky. But we will use black variant.

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