Website design for one of the best Bulgarian guides.

Also I’ve designed a business card.

That’s interesting ↓

Using information given by client we draw first sketch:


The client rejects the idea with the round portrait. Besides, we decide to dispense with photos in the header. We draw a mockup:

Главная страница - вариант 1

As soon as we make a guide’s website, during the process we decide to add a map of Bulgaria to show the wide range of his tours. So we draw another mockup:

Главная страница - вариант 2

And — we draw one more mockup with a landscape in the header and the photo of the guide (the idea with map is still great, but the heroes must be known by sight):

Главная страница - вариант 3

The Client accepts the idea, so we begin to create the main element of the page — the map of Bulgaria:

Карта Болгарии

And then we make the final mockup:

Главная страница - вариант 4

After that we draw a mockup of the tour page in the same style:

Страница экскурсии

Each tour page has its own header to illustrate the remarkable sight and to show its location:

Страницы экскурсий

Website traditionally looks great on any screen:

Отзывчивый веб-дизайн




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