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The logo is provided by the client.

That’s interesting ↓

The client explains what he needs and sends us a couple of links to illustrate his words. Preferred colors are white, black/grey, light blue and a little bit of yellow.

Based on this information, we draw mockups of main and inner (blog post) pages:

Макет главной страницы Макет статьи

The client rejects the mockup of the main page explaining that there is too much blue, that he doesn’t want images here, and that the page looks too banal and standard.

He generally likes the mockup of inner page but says it looks too simple and “lacks a little bit of complexity”. Therefore, we decide to finish the inner page first, and then proceed to the main page. We complicate the mockup according to client’s wish:

Макет статьи

The client approves the mockup but asks to try other headers:

Варианты шапки

Finally he chooses the header number 2, and we return to the main page. Following the client’s wishes “white background, black text and some color”, we get rid of the abundance of blue, remove images and draw a new mockup:

Макет главной страницы

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