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A website for a company offering individual excursions and themed visits to Spanish festivals and carnivals.

The process

The client already had a functioning website that consisted of many pages: 17 excursions with descriptions and galleries, several pages about the audio guide… and all these in two languages, Russian and Spanish. According to the client’s idea, the new website should be one page, but the excursion section should be in Russian only, while the audio guide section should be in Russian, Spanish and English.

First, we draw a lot of sketches trying to figure out how to combine multiple languages on one page. As a result, we found the ideal solution: we’ll make the audio guide section with three tabs, and each of them will be in its own language:

Chayka Spanis

In addition, the new version must have an animation with links to the main sections of the website. The client sends us a storyboard of the animation:

Chayka Spanis

Together we consider the idea of placing the splash screen, for example, in the center of the website so that one section is at the top and the other is at the bottom:

Chayka Spanis

In the end, we decide to stop these experiments.

After the client approves the sketch, we proceed to draw the mockup. We put the excursions section above and choose the most suitable background color for descriptions:

Chayka Spanis

The mockup of the multilingual section with languages-tabs:

Chayka Spanis

The client approves the design, and we start creating the animation. The client thinks that now the text-only animation will look boring, so we decide to add a bit of sea, palm trees and clouds.

Final animation (HTML5 Canvas):


Old version of the website:

Chayka Spanis Chayka Spanis

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