Templates for the website of a multidisciplinary company.

Also we’ve designed business cards.

That’s interesting ↓

The clients have a yacht to make cruises in the northern seas and fishing in the southern. In addition, they have a recreation center in Siberia and some real estate for rent in the south of Spain. The task was to reflect on the website this idea of ​​traveling in the cold and relaxing in the warmth. We had an idea to use an image of clients’ yacht as the main picture: one half of yacht will be in the “winter” with ice and walruses while the other half will be in the “summer” with sand and palm trees. So we draw a sketch:

Main page sketch

During the communication process with clients it turns out that we can’t get the necessary photo of the yacht, so we decide to beat the idea with the help of another collage. The “cold-warm” theme is also present in the blue-yellow block; there is an arc under each icon to support the marine theme:

Main page

Then we proceed to the mockup of a rental property page:

Page with available properties

And we also draw the mockup of an individual property page:

Property page template

The clients say they “liked everything very much”.

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