Alena Kiseleva (Lavio)

Redesign of Alena Kiseleva’s website. Alena is a designer of wonderful bijouterie, and she works with stones, beads and Swarovski crystals. The website design has become less light-minded and more reputable (compare). I didn’t change the structure of this site.

Also I’ve designed a logo and a business card.

That’s interesting ↓

Website’s owner decided to change the backgroubd colour because the former one (number 4) was too bright for eyes, and it was hard to find a photo which would look good on that background. The new colour she chose was a “cowberry colour” — an arguable anough and very non-standard colour. So first of all we decided to collect all the colours which people consider to be “cowberry”:

Брусника на выбор

As a result, we chose the following colour:

Макет 1

Looks great with ear-rings and lipstick. :)

But something is still wrong… Let’s try to add a gradient with colours we already have:

Макет 2

And now we’ll add a light semi-transparent background image and understand that it looks wonderful:

Макет 3


Previous look of website:

Предыдущая версия сайта


Предыдущая версия сайта

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