Business card for Ivaylo Nachev

Business card for one of the best Bulgarian guides. Thick paper with embossing.

85×55 mm.

Also I’ve designed website.

That’s interesting ↓

First, we draw several variants based on website’s style:

Business card variants

The client says he doesn’t want to see any image on his business card, and asks for something more severe:

Business card variants

Now client likes the mockup but wants more elegant font. We try to choose from several kind of handwritten fonts:

Choosing font

The client likes 6 and 7 fonts. But when we look closer, we find out that cyrillic letter “ч” in 7-th variant doesn’t look very clear and might be misread, so we decide not to use this font.

Using font number 6 we draw final variants of business card, black-and-white and in colour:

Business card variants

After that we just have to play a little with background colour because pink still doesn’t suit a man. ;-)

The final variant

Previous look of business card:

Previous business card

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