Russian Pattern

A logo for a photo project about bizarre patterns of Russian visual space.

Also I’ve made a website.

That’s interesting ↓

According to the project’s name and main idea, it becomes clear that the logo should look like a certain set of certain repetitive elements. Well, or have nothing in common at all with all those patterns and ornaments. We draw some thoughts on paper:


Looking for inspiration we study ornaments and patterns:

В поисках вдохновения

And later we have four finalists: two with the colours of Russian flag, one as a tribute to “Tetris”, and another one is simply pattern:


The customer chooses the fourth logo, but asks to use less glamorous colours and to add the project’s name. First of all we decide to make this pattern in different shades of red, but then a new idea comes to mind: a brick. It’s a part of urban environment, it can be found in this pattern. And hey, what can be less glamorous than a brick?

What about the text part of our logo, we decide not to center it vertically but to put it a bit down. Then we show two versions to the customer:


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