Cooking correctly

Logo for cooking website. The main difference of this website from others is that all the recipes are as precise as possible and are given without any “half-glass”, “approximately” and “average temperature”. This logo shows the subject of website and it’s motto “The punctuality is the politeness of kings”.

Also I’ve designed website.

That’s interesting ↓

The aforementioned motto gives us an idea to use images of scales and a crown:

First sketch

This composition of crown and scales looks like Marfa Sobakina from famous Soviet comedy film “Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future”, and there is a lot of text. But as soon as all these royal things are approved, we decide to make a kind of coat of arms:

Second variant

The customer likes this idea, so we slightly change the shape of the escutcheon and draw it:

Second variant in colour

Looks great, but this is not a cooking website. This is a logo of a law firm, of a drugstore, or even of an extreme skydiving school, but not a logo of a cooking website. This revelation encourages us to change scales’ shape and to combine escutcheon with apron:


Unfortunately we have to reject this idea because the combination looks like a padlock. We change scales and think what to do with the motto ribbon:

Finding ribbons

And finally we’ve got a full version of our logo:

Full version of logo

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